Think of Hail Mary as a perfectly packaged solution to keep athletes healthy & safe while saving institutions - organizations, parents, insurance companies and government from unnecessary healthcare costs.

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Hail Mary – Extraordinary
Solutions & Benefits

Digital Filing Cabinet

Digital Filing Cabinet

Centralize all your athletic department’s policies and procedures, emergency action plans and more!

Manage athlete data and records anytime and anywhere from your desktop to your phone. Store athlete medical/health records, insurance cards, injury forms, physical rehabilitation programs, videos, workout -nutrition journals, testing results and more!

Preventive & Corrective Action

Preventive & Corrective Action

  • Unique holistic care services & modalities from meditation, breathwork, sound therapy, journaling, and storytelling.
  • Exclusive original exercise tutorial videos
  • Sports specific drill videos upload by coach or other members
  • Database access to Game Film Footage
Improve Communication

Improve Communication

Safe transparent communication amongst the entire athletic ecosystem. Safely send files, docs, images, videos, and audio

Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services

HIPAA – HITECH Compliant Telehealth services ranging from:
  • LIVE audio & video sessions
  • Store-and-forward sessions with images, videos, audio, files, and documents
Safety First

Safety First

When it comes to our children, safety is the utmost priority when designing the application. We believe security is important in preventing nefarious activities and unintended violation patient care privacy.
Engaging everyone’s unique role in an entire athletic ecosystem will give peace of mind to all!

  • Athletic Directors overseeing athletic departments
  • School Nurses overseeing student athletes
  • Coaches overseeing their team
  • Sports Medicine Directors – Athletic Trainers overseeing a Sports Medicine Athletic Training department
  • A Minor’s Parents/Guardians overseeing their child throughout their athletic journey and life development

Compliant with…

  • PPRA
  • GDPR
Every Second Counts

Every Second Counts

In anything we do in life, from playing to living, every second counts especially in our children’s development.
Receive up to date alerts, push notifications, updates in scheduling, planning and more!

Less Is More

Less Is More

With less injury time off, athletes are able to stay on the field/court longer. By preventing or reducing days off from sustaining an injury, children are able to be seen for their gifts and talents.

Increase Sports Recruitment Opportunities

Increase Sports Recruitment Opportunities

Don’t wait for an opportunity, create it! Hail Mary offers a 3-sided sports recruiting process connecting student athletes, liaisons, and college – professional coaches. Think of a LinkedIn profile designed for athletes to showcase their academic and athletic achievements.
As an exposure platform, athletes, and members of the athletic ecosystem responsible in assisting the recruitment process help create…

  • Athletic – Academic Resume
  • Showcase their academic – athletic career highlights
  • Share their story with personal statements and interests
  • Shareable link to connect with college – professional coaches
Save lives, time, and money

Save lives, time, and money

Decrease and prevent future and recurring injuries seen in our athletes. Securely access all your data in seconds. Decrease professional staff and athlete burnouts. Improve workflow with a management, care coordination and communication system that will save lives, energy, and unnecessary healthcare costs.


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Each video provides…

easy to follow and understand

Easy to follow and understand instructions on how to perform exercises

practice mind to body

Practice mind-to-muscle connection with visual muscle engagement

Illustrated – Visual demonstration of common mistakes to avoid

Illustrated – Visual demonstration of common mistakes to avoid

Proper breathing technique with visual breathing ques

Proper breathing technique with visual breathing cues

Duration with 360° views

Duration with 360° views

How it works

Work Smarter NOT Harder

Hail Mary was designed to bridge The Danger Gap™ by providing a platform to execute on organization, coordination, communication, and care for the student – athlete. Our SaaS application was designed to be and improve compliance in academic, sports and medical – health department. Our technology helps education-sports institutions save money, time, and energy while working efficiently together, and seeing overall better and faster results in the athletic ecosystem.